Living upside/down

Living Upside/Down er en bevægelse mere end et projekt. Med fokus på byens tage, undersøger Living Upside/Down bæredygtige og turistmæssige potentialer. Taghaver og tagcamping er blot et par af de ideer, som gruppen arbejder med.

Af Mia Borg Johansen, Louise Storgaard, Helene Qvist og Dan Schou Qi

“Why is Denmark so fucking flat, dull and grounded.”
– American tourist at Strøget, June 2013

The Danish skyline, landscape and humour are in general perceived as quite flat. But why not use the flat fundament to extend our experiences on new levels. Our idea is quite simple: there are lots of unused, flat rooftops – we want to use their potential and challenge the flat way of thinking and living.

With the focus on rooftops this project seeks to establish a general understanding of Copenhagen as an international city with green and sustainable visions.

We want to emphasize the importance of sustainable innovation by facilitating a process based on involving the surrounding interests and existing buildings with a renewed focus on vertical, urban opportunities.

We want to see how locals interact and involve in what some might call a utopian idea of being a part of a – sustainable urban planning strategy.

We believe that the roofs can “make the world a better place” but are aware of the fact that the process will face some bumps on the road. However, we see these bumps as an opportunity to cooperate with politicians, specialists, and most importantly locals.

The set-up could be an installation of housing on a green roof: producing an alternative cultural experience by establishing roof top camping/ urban camping on the top of hotel buildings. It could be temporary living areas on the roofs of abandoned buildings for students in a need of housing.

By turning the architectural structures upside/down this project will innovate the way of living, cooperating and interacting on a higher level.